Fair Shot for All is building a movement around issues that matter to Oregonians—and you play an important role.

We've seen our our power in action in across the state. Real Oregonians have shared their moving and important stories with the Portland City Council and Oregon State Legislature. 

And that’s how we’re going to win on the issues that matter to us most—being able to tell real stories about the lives of hardworking Oregonians. 

Change is long overdue. Raising the minimum wage, ending profiling, ensuring all Oregonians have paid sick days, establishing ways to make saving for retirement easier, and creating job opportunities for people with prior convictions and arrests are policies that will give every Oregonian an opportunity to succeed. 

Fair Shot for All supporters are committed because these issues are personal—they affect our livelihoods and families every single day. Legislators need to hear from you because if they don’t, they can pretend these issues aren’t important to Oregonians. We can’t let them do that. 

Share your story—as an Oregonian impacted by our issues or as a business owner who's committed to standing up for hardworking Oregonians.

Elected officials turn to the voices of real Oregonians—especially business owners and workers—to understand the issues our economy and state face. It's an important time for us to make sure that they hear us loud and clear, and we can do that by talking about our experiences as Oregonians. That's how we're going to show elected officials exactly why we need change. 

The status quo simply isn't working for many of us. For so many women, people of color, LGBTQ communities, immigrants and working families in Oregon, a fair shot hasn't been in our cards. And with your help, we’re going to change that.  

It's time to show elected officials exactly why we need change. Share your story with the Fair Shot for All coalition and tell us why you're standing up for a fair shot for all.


AuthorChristine Saunders