This week, we sent a message loud and clear: Oregonians want to raise the minimum wage. More than two hundred supporters carved time out of their busy lives to make the trek out to Salem and show their support. Some waited up to four hours to tell their story to legislators. Monday was a success because of you, but the fight’s not over yet.

We need to make sure our lawmakers don’t forget why the minimum wage matters to Oregonians. If you didn’t testify on Monday, or if you did but you still have more to say, send an email to your legislators now. We started a message for you: 

Click here and make your voice heard. 

And once you’re done, share this link with your friends and family, so we can be sure our legislators won’t forget: It’s time to raise Oregon’s minimum wage!

Speaker Tina Kotek and community members from PCUN.

Speaker Tina Kotek and community members from PCUN.

AuthorChristine Saunders