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Salem, Ore.—A bill that provides resources to end law enforcement profiling in Oregon through data collection, training, and accountability passed the Oregon Senate on Thursday evening with bipartisan support. Having passed the Oregon House on July 5th, HB 2355 will now head to the desk of Governor Kate Brown for her signature.
Following the vote, Unite Oregon Executive Director Kayse Jama issued the following statement on behalf of Fair Shot for All:
“In a political environment increasingly defined by disagreement, finger-pointing, and fear, today’s vote is a sign that progress is still possible when listen with respect and come together to make our communities safer and more just.
“The passage of this bill is a victory for Oregonians who have been targeted by law enforcement because of who they are, where they come from, or what they look like. It’s a victory for law enforcement officers, who will receive needed training and an opportunity to rebuild trust in the communities they serve. And it’s a victory for all Oregonians, who can be confident that instances of profiling will be tracked and that law enforcement agencies will be accountable for their actions.
“Central to this victory were the brave voices of Oregonians who experienced profiling—on urban streets and on country roads—and were willing to share their stories in the state capitol and at listening sessions across the state.
“Since the legislature passed HB 2002, prohibiting profiling and creating the Oregon Law Enforcement Profiling Task Force, we have made progress in building a coalition of law enforcement officials and local leaders who care about justice and want to see our criminal justice system work for all. Beyond any piece of legislation, these relationships will continue to bring positive change to communities across the state.
“Everyone engaged in the conversations that led to this bill recognizes that the challenge of profiling will continue for years to come, but the commitment of law enforcement officials to take on this difficult work gives us hope for the future of Oregon.”
More information about the legislative proposal to end profiling is available here:

AuthorChristine Saunders