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Salem, Ore. – On Tuesday, the Oregon House approved HB 2004A, which protects Oregon renters from no-cause evictions while preserving property rights for landlords. The bill will also give local communities the legal right to create common sense rent stabilization policies that work best for local renters and landlords.

HB 2004A was amended prior to passage to exempt small landlords and reduce the relocation expenses for renters who are evicted without cause. This compromise bill now heads to the Oregon Senate with the full support of a broad coalition of Oregonians working for stable housing legislation.

Upon passage, Oregon tenants, landlords and advocates released the following statements:  

“Passage of HB 2004 is important to renters who have faced no-cause evictions. My decades of excellent rental history were meaningless when it happened to me. Without HB 2004, there is absolutely no recourse for the renter as long as the landlord hides behind no-cause, no-reason evictions,” Leela Coleman.

“With over 1,800 units statewide, we have very few evictions and only use for-cause notices. House Bill 2004 treats our residents fairly and keeps our properties strong,” Martha McClennan, Executive Director, Northwest Housing Alternatives 

“Today’s vote in favor of HB 2004 is good news for Oregon communities. This legislation creates certainty for renters and landlords by creating a legal standard for evictions with cause and lease termination. It also gives local jurisdictions the right to set their own rent stabilization policies, working with tenants and landlords in their communities,” Pam Phan, Policy and Organizing Director for the Community Alliance of Tenants, on behalf of Stable Homes for Oregon Families.

AuthorChristine Saunders