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Salem, Ore. – On Thursday, the House Committee on Human Services and Housing voted to pass HB 2004, which protects Oregon renters from no-cause evictions while preserving property rights for landlords. The bill also gives local jurisdictions the ability to create common-sense rent stabilization policies that work best for renters and landlords in their communities. 

Upon passage, Pam Phan, policy and organizing director for the Community Alliance of Tenants, issued the following statement on behalf of Stable Homes for Oregon Families: 
“We applaud the committee for voting in favor of HB 2004 and thank the Oregon lawmakers who responded to the testimony of tenants, landlords, business owners, faith leaders, and community members about how Oregon’s housing crisis is affecting their communities. 

“The passage of this bill shows that lawmakers are taking important steps to address the effects of our state’s housing crisis on Oregon renters, who are under constant threat of sudden and excessive rent increases and evictions without cause. Oregonians particularly vulnerable to displacement are people of color, those who work for low wages, seniors, and those with disabilities on fixed incomes. We urge quick passage of the bill by the full House of Representatives so that hearings can begin immediately in the Senate. Too many Oregonians are at risk of displacement and homelessness today without the protections of this critical legislation. We look forward to the day when this legislation reaches Governor Brown’s desk for her signature. Once this bill becomes law, the 40 percent of Oregonians who rent their homes will finally be secure in the knowledge that their homes can’t be taken away suddenly and without a valid reason.”

AuthorChristine Saunders