In 2014, over twenty Oregon labor unions, community groups and racial justice organizations came together to form Fair Shot For All. We launched our powerful and unique coalition with one objective: to give a voice to those who are often left behind in the political process, to turn the discussion of racial and economic inequality into action—and to win.
The Register Guard editorial board highlighted our “potent political agenda” earlier this month. Read what they had to say about Fair Shot For All here.
As a coalition, we worked in lockstep in support of five policy solutions that address longstanding economic inequities and fix the outdated, broken rules that shape our work, wages and planning for the future. And today, four of these key policies are now the law of the land in Oregon.
I’m pleased to provide you an overview of these policy wins and share what’s next for our coalition.  

Working families are the big winners of the Oregon 2015 Legislative Session

Oregon’s 2015 legislative session brought big gains working families. With the support of Fair Shot For All, Oregon lawmakers passed the following four policies aimed at making a difference in the lives of Oregonians.

Expanding Access to Sick Time. Just under half a million working Oregonians will earn sick time that can be used for the diagnosis, care or treatment of the worker or a member of their family or in instances of domestic violence.

Banning the Box. Removing the box about criminal history on job applications will give people with prior convictions and arrests a better chance at getting back to work and rebuilding their lives.

Making Saving For Retirement Easier. Every working Oregonian will have access to an easy, effective way to plan for the future and build a retirement savings.

Ending Profiling. Banning the practice of profiling as a law enforcement tactic will shift Oregon to community policing, a more effective public safety strategy that make neighborhoods safer by fostering trust between law enforcement officers and communities.

Read more about each of these bills here.

Governor Brown and Fair Shot For All Hold Bill Signing Ceremony

On July 13th, Governor Kate Brown and Fair Shot For All held a ceremonial bill signing for the Fair Shot package of bills that create economic opportunity for Oregon’s working families.
More than 150 of our supporters—including workers, business owners, and community and labor leaders—joined together to celebrate these four major victories. Check out photos from the Fair Shot bill signing here.
We thank Governor Brown, the leadership of Oregon’s House of Representatives and Senate, all those who made us a priority and supported these important bills. Hear what Governor Brown had to say about giving Oregonians a fair shot here.
We also thank our supporters who showed up at hearings, met with legislators, made phone calls, wrote letters, and rallied in cities across the state. They shared their stories and made the case for change. And Oregon’s elected leaders heard their call.

Our work isn’t done

Oregon is not alone – we are part of a wave that is happening across the country. Working families, small business owners, and community leaders from every corner of the United States continue calling for real solutions that will give every one of us an opportunity to succeed.
We achieved significant progress for working families this session, but our work is far from over.
Raise the wage

Today in Oregon, a full-time worker with a minimum wage job is paid less than $20,000 per year, leaving thousands of Oregonians working hard but still unable to make ends meet. Raising the minimum wage will give more Oregonians a chance to be self-sufficient and to better provide for themselves and their children.
Fair Shot For All will continue our fight to give hardworking Oregonians a raise in 2016 and give back local control to communities to raise the wage to $15 and beyond.
New solutions for working families

We will also take action on new issues in the 2016 legislative session, policies that address what’s preventing Oregonians from getting ahead. Over the coming months, we will engage communities around the state to zero in on what’s important to working families and roll out a new agenda with real solutions that will make a difference in the lives of Oregonians.
Fair Shot For All remains focused on building an economy that generates rising incomes and opportunity for everyone who’s willing to put in the effort.
Here’s the bottom line: We refuse to accept an economy where only a few of us do well.
I urge you to visit the Fair Shot For All website and follow Fair Shot for All on Facebook for the latest updates on our fight forward. 
- Heather

Heather Stuart
Fair Shot for All Campaign Director

AuthorChristine Saunders