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In the video, the Salem-area candidate for the State House of Representatives (HD 20) says the minimum wage ‘does not make sense’

SALEM, OR (September 29, 2014) – The Fair Shot Oregon coalition today released a video in which Kathy Goss, the Republican candidate for the House of Representatives (HD 20) says that she does not support the minimum wage.

In the footage—taken at a candidate debate at Western Oregon University on May 16, 2014—Goss states: “The political (sic) correct thing these days to say is ‘yes, I believe in minimum wage,’ but I’ll have to admit that’s really hard for me to me, it does not make sense. It’s not an improvement of our economy.”

The Fair Shot coalition includes a diverse group of organizations, including SEIU, Family Forward Action, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, The Mother PAC, Oregon Education Association, AFSCME and AFL-CIO. The group is working to educate voters about where candidates stand on issues that affect women and working families, including paid sick leave, minimum wage, equal pay and retirement security.

“Oregonians working full-time at today’s minimum wage earn just under $19,000 a year – not nearly enough to provide for their families,” said Andrea Paluso, Executive Director of Family Forward Oregon. “It’s time for women and working families to get ahead, not just get by – and that means electing candidates who will stand with them. When Salem-area voters mark their ballots in the upcoming election, they need to know that Kathy Goss says she doesn’t believe in a minimum wage.”

More than 140,000 Oregon workers currently earn minimum wage, according to the state Bureau of Labor and Industries.        

 “It’s important for Oregon voters to know where candidates stand on the issues that affect their families,” said Heather Conroy, Executive Director for SEIU Local 503. “Our coalition will be working hard between now and November 4 to make sure Oregonians know who supports giving women and working families a fair shot, and who doesn’t.”

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