I’ll start with the good news first. This year, Oregon lawmakers passed a number of bills that protect and expand access to healthcare for Oregonians like Cover All Kids, Reproductive Health Equity, and the Healthcare Protections Bill. Across the state and nationally, family advocates and health experts have cheered the progress in Oregon.

And with good reason: As threats to healthcare loom at the national level, Oregon leaders need to do everything they can to protect coverage, reduce premiums, and provide certainty for Oregon families. The Oregon Healthcare Protections Bill does just that, ensuring more Oregonians have healthcare than ever before.

But a small collection of extremist groups, like the anti-LGBTQ Oregon Family Council, and a handful of conservative legislators are trying to do undo all that progress. They’ve written a referendum that would rollback key pieces of the Healthcare Protections Bill — taking away healthcare and raising premiums for more than half a million Oregonians.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, and this attack on Oregonians’ healthcare is already underway. Signature gatherers are hitting the streets now to qualify Referendum 301 for the ballot, so we have to act fast to protect Oregon families.

Here’s how you can help:

Contact your legislator today and urge them to stand up and speak out against this dangerous referendum. Then, talk to your friends, your family, and your social network about declining to sign Referendum 301. Every signature this extremist coalition gathers puts Oregonians’ healthcare more at risk, so we have to get the word out now.

If we stand together, speak out, and fight back against these attacks, we can protect Oregon families. 


AuthorChristine Saunders