Our mission is to create a family-forward Oregon where all women and families can be economically secure and have the time it takes to care for a family. Today, too many families in Oregon — and across the nation, really — are forced to sacrifice one or the other. But it doesn't have to be this way.  Other countries have found ways to adjust their policies as family structures have changed in recent decades.  The U.S. is quite behind in this area, but we’re working hard to change that by engaging and partnering with parents, employers and policy-makers to shape our economy into one that works better for employees and employers.  

We co-founded the Fair Shot for All coalition with partners who share our values and goals because we know that for too many women and people of color in Oregon there are too many outdated roadblocks on the path to economic stability and success.  We also know that together our voices are more powerful — and more true.  Our work together throughout Oregon's 2015 legislative session was incredibly rewarding because the laws we supported that became law will enable so many Oregonians to move ahead financially because we removed barriers — which is really our raison d'etre. (Oy! There are too many!) In our Executive DirectorAndrea Paluso's words, 

"At Family Forward Oregon, our goal is for every woman and working family in our state to be economically secure and have a fair shot at economic opportunity without family caregiving responsibilities blocking the way. During the state's now-ended 2015 legislative session, we made impressive strides toward that goal. We extended sick time to all Oregonians, made it easier to save for retirement, protected health insurance for people out on family and medical leave, helped more families afford childcare when looking for and holding down a job, provided basic workplace protections to domestic workers, and allowed workers to share their salary information without fear of punishment to help close the wage gap. It's no stretch to conclude that these new laws will make Oregon work better for more people, especially women and families, who have waited too long for a fair shot at economic success."

The Fair Shot for All coalition is an incredibly rewarding approach to policy change.  We are grateful for strong partners and opportunities to expand our own horizons.  

Family Forward Oregon staff with Governor Brown at the Fair Shot For All bill signing. 

Family Forward Oregon staff with Governor Brown at the Fair Shot For All bill signing. 

AuthorChristine Saunders