In 2014, over twenty Oregon labor unions, community groups, and racial justice organization came together with a clear recognition that our economy is broken and the status quo simply doesn’t work for many of us--women, people of color, LGBTQ communities, immigrants and working families. 

We launched Fair Shot for All with three core objectives: 

  • to give a voice to those who are often left behind in the political process: low-wage workers, women, and people of color;
  • to turn the discussion of racial, gender, and economic inequality into action;
  • to hold legislators accountable--and to win. 

Fair Shot for All recognizes that together, we accomplish more. We created our coalition to build on our strengths around the table--each coalition member brings time, people, and resources to our fight against economic, racial, and gender inequality. 

In our founding year, we identified key policy priorities for the 2015-16 legislative session that began to fix the outdated, broken rules that shape our work, wages and planning for the future. Those five Fair Shot priorities are now the law of the land in Oregon:

  • Expanding access to paid sick days;
  • Establishing a secure way to save for retirement;
  • Banning the box to create job opportunities for people with prior convictions and arrests; 
  • Ending profiling based on race, gender and sexual orientation;
  • Raising the minimum wage.