Fair Shot For All has helped to secure a number of victories for working Oregonians and their families. Learn more about your rights under these policies.

Ban the Box

Learn about your rights under Oregon's new Ban the Box law. For information specific to the Portland ordinance visit the Mayor's FAQ

End Profiling

File a complaint of profiling in Oregon. For more information on the process, see our infographic

Paid Sick Days

Check out Oregon Sick Time 101 or find more information from the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI)

Raise the Wage

Get the facts about the new statewide minimum wage increases and see how we compare by the numbers

Retirement Security

Learn more about the implementation of a state-sponsored retirement plan.

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Agenda legislativa 2015.

Anule la casilla.

Pago de días de permiso pro enfermedad. 

Aumento al salario mínimo. 

Seguridad de la jubilación de Oregon. 

These materials are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. Should you wish to seek an attorney to obtain advice with respect to particular issues or problems, contact the Oregon State Bar at (503)684-3763. You can also contact the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries at 971-673-0761.