Heather Stuart,

Salem, Ore. – Following today’s vote to approve an increase in Oregon’s minimum wage by the Oregon House of Representatives, Andrea Paluso issued the following statement on behalf of the Fair Shot for All coalition:

“In 2014, more than 20 community, healthcare, service and labor groups from across the state came together to launch the Fair Shot for All coalition. We launched Fair Shot for All to give a voice to those who have been left behind in the political process, to turn the discussion of racial and economic inequality into action – and to win. Raising the minimum wage was the only Fair Shot agenda item that didn’t pass in 2015, but we came into this session committed to securing a raise in 2016. While our work to fix Oregon’s broken economy is far from over, today’s vote by the House marks a significant victory for the hardworking men and women we have been fighting for.”

AuthorChristine Saunders