The biggest rally for revenue and an investments budget is only days away, and it couldn’t come at a more critical time. We need you there. This week, after months of obstruction and empty promises from the big business on how to fix our broken tax system, they had the audacity to release a “plan” that has so little substance, it might as well not exist. It’s frustrating but unsurprising that big and out-of-state businesses are still determined to not pay their fair share. 

On top of that, the education budget committee passed a K-12 education budget that is woefully below the Quality Education Model, and not nearly enough to stave off deeper cuts to our schools. This budget will result in increases to our already 3rd worst in the nation class sizes, and hundreds of teachers losing their jobs. 

With only 6 weeks left in this legislative session, the Oregon Can’t Wait - Rally for Revenue is our chance to send a strong message that cuts budgets and empty proposals are unacceptable. It's long past time for the legislature to choose families over corporations. For decades, the budget has been balanced on the backs of working families and students. We need everyone there. 

Nearly 1,200 people are already pledging to come rally -- Our coalition only needs 137 more to get to 1,300 RSVPs. Can you be one of them?? Space is filling up fast, so RSVP now to reserve your free lunch and free transportation. 

Remember, if you need transportation, there will be free buses in Portland, Eugene, and Corvallis leaving by 10 a.m. on June 6th. All you need to do to reserve a spot is RSVP. Here are the details: 
●    Portland: Lents Park- 4808 SE 92nd Ave
●    Eugene: 2800 Gateway St., Springfield, OR- by Ross and Cabela’s
●    Corvallis: Adam’s Hall, 606 SW 15th St

Are you excited?! You should be. This rally is going to make a giant impact and you’re going to help make it happen. See you on Tuesday, June 6th. 

P.S. After you RSVP, or even if you can’t make it, can you take 2 minutes to send an email to your legislator urging them to raise taxes on big corporations so we can finally invest in Oregon families? Thanks!

AuthorChristine Saunders