You may have heard by now: Oregonians are bracing for $1.4 billion in budget cuts as a result of our state’s lowest-in-the-nation corporate taxes. Without action to generate new revenue, we face severe cuts to education, health care, and other programs that would harm Oregonians in every part of the state, especially women and people of color. 

Recently, some of our legislators showed bold leadership by introducing a plan to raise corporate taxes to make investments in education and other critical services. This is a good first step, but we still have a long way to go. If lawmakers do not show leadership and ask corporations to pay their fair share the results will be devastating: 3,000 teachers could lose their jobs and 350,000 Oregonians would be kicked off their health insurance. 

Real reform to our corporate tax system will allow us to move forward in the fight to ensure that every Oregonian feels safe in their community and has access to a quality public education, health care, a stable home, and a fair shot at economic success.

We need to tell our elected leaders it’s outrageous to ask Oregonians to accept deeper cuts while Oregon has one of the lowest corporate taxes in the nation. We need them to ask corporations to pay more, and we can’t wait. 

On June 6th, we will join the A Better Oregon coalition to storm the steps of the Capitol to make sure legislators know that Oregon Can’t Wait for more revenue. Be part of history as we form to make one of the largest crowds the State Capitol has ever seen with 1,000 people rallying. 

Can we count on you to join us on Tuesday June 6th for our largest and most important event of the session? 

To sign up, please click this RSVP form. (Lunch will be provided. So will transportation from Portland, Corvallis and Eugene!)

This fight has never been more important, and we really need your help. Thank you for your commitment to make A Better Oregon! 

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AuthorChristine Saunders