With the changing national political landscape, and the presidential election - we have seen an alarming rise in hate speech, and racist incidents happening in communities across Oregon. It's never been clearer to me, that many people still do not have a FAIR SHOT. But even though this political climate puts a magnifying glass on the divide, the reality is none of this is new. Deep disparities exist in every aspect of American life. From healthcare and education, to unemployment and housing, to community safety, we know that many of us are still struggling, and have been for generations. This is why Fair Shot for All was founded. Our coalition has made significant strides for Oregon over the past several years.  We won't stop until EVERYONE in Oregon has a fair shot.

Today marks the first day of the legislative session and we have a comprehensive agenda that takes bold steps forward to protect Oregonians’ rights, and sets the stage for Oregon to continue to lead the rest of the country. We know that supporting each other is key to winning a fair shot for all Oregonians. That is why we are prioritizing the following:

Our 2017 Agenda:

  • Cover All Kids (SB 558, HB 2726)
  • Reproductive Health Equity (HB 2232)
  • End Profiling (HB 2355)
  • Stable Homes for All (HB 2004)
  • Paid Family Medical Leave

Join us, in the movement to win a Fair Shot for ALL Oregonians, and sign the petition!

Thank you for your continued support. 

AuthorChristine Saunders