Fair Shot Oregon is set to launch with 21st century solutions for today’s women and working families.

 The 19th century is so over. So why are we battling outdated rules that keep Oregon women and working families down?

 It’s time we have a fair shot at getting ahead, not just getting by.



Join Fair Shot Oregon on Tuesday, September 16, for our official campaign launch.

 Too many Oregonians are working long hours in jobs that barely provide for our families. Too often, we are forced to choose between caring for those we love and our financial security.

 Tell your lawmakers: we need 21st century solutions for today’s women and working families!

Paid sick days. Higher minimum wage. Equal pay for equal work. A way to save for retirement. Fair Shot Oregon is fighting for real solutions that change the rules about work, wages and planning for our futures.

Watch our brand new campaign video and see for yourself.

On Tuesday, we launch Fair Shot Oregon. The best part? That very same outdated 19th century man will be there. Tell him in person why women and working families need a fair shot.

Join us on Tuesday, September 16, at 10 a.m.

Shute Park
953 SE Maple St.

Oregon State Capitol
900 Court St. NE


Oregon City:
Oregon City Library
606 John Adams St.

AuthorRose King