Hundreds of people came together on Thursday to say there is no space for hate in the state of Oregon.

The group gathered at Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church in north Portland.

The Oregon Health Equity Alliance and Fair Shot For All unveiled a shared 2017 legislative agenda that is aimed at ensuring every Oregonian has the opportunity to thrive regardless of racial background, gender, language or where they are from.

OHEA and Fair Shot said they will never stop fighting to protect families, communities, children, and the state. This comes weeks after Oregon Governor Kate Brown pledged to protect the human and civil rights of all Oregonians.

One woman at the gathering who works at the Native American Youth and Family Center says they are worried about groups of color and other communities.

"We are here today to talk about some real solutions, some community identified solutions to actually work to reach the people who need it most," said Ashley Thirstrup.

The new plan will help promote secure employment, accessible healthcare, affordable housing, and safe communities.

The groups say the election of Donald Trump has many people worried in the State of Oregon.

"Right now we are seeing higher instances of hate crimes all over our state. A lot of fear among different communities, about what's next. I think it is really a time for us to stand together and say not only are we going to push back on a lot of things we imagine are coming to our state, but also going to push forward," said Andrea Paulso, Executive Director at Family First of Oregon.

The groups hope the Oregon legislature will take steps to advance equity and economic opportunities for every Oregonian.


AuthorChristine Saunders