Paid Family and Medical Leave

Across the country, extremists are trying to roll back health care and pass policies that disproportionately harm women, people of color, LGBTQ communities, low-wage workers, and unmarried workers.

Here in Oregon, we have the opportunity to push back and fight for more inclusive policies that will help Oregon families maintain their economic stability. In 2019, along with the Fair Shot coalition, we can guarantee that all Oregon workers can access paid family and medical leave, so they can give or get the care they need without risking debt. Caring for a family is important work and it shouldn’t mean losing wages.

Fair Shot for All is a part of Time to Care Oregon, the coalition working to pass paid family and medical leave.

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Caring for family is important work, and doing it shouldn’t mean losing your paycheck or your job. Without paid family and medical leave, we’re forced to choose between the families we love and the jobs we need.

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You can help make sure that all Oregonians can give or get the care they need without risking their ability to pay the bills. Contact your lawmaker and urge them to pass paid family and medical leave NOW!

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By sharing your story about needing family or medical leave, you can play a significant role in helping make sure the FAMLI Equity Act gets passed. Lawmakers need to hear from you. Share your story today.