2019 Fair Shot for All Policy Priorities

The Legislative Session ended on June 30, 2019. While the final week of session was clouded  by attacks on our democracy, we still moved Oregon forward with a number of historic policy victories that advance racial, gender, and economic justice.

Together, we fought to pass this unified agenda and won. Your emails, calls, and actions paid off.  Four of our five policy priorities passed this session thanks to the strategic and hard work from all of you: 

  • Stable Homes for Oregon Families - SB 608: We scored a huge victory early in session with Stable Homes for Families. SB 608 provides basic protection against no-cause evictions and extreme rent increases. The bill moved quickly through the Senate and House chambers, and was signed into law by  Governor Brown on February 28, 2019. Read more about the bill and how it protect renters.

  • Invest in Oregon - HB 3427: The Student Success Act will fund $2 billion for pre-K through 12th grade education, with significant provisions for equity in education. This will be game-changing for Oregonians. But, a petition has already been filed for the law to go to the ballot, jeopardizing our progress. Pledge to protect the Student Success Act. 

  • Paid Family and Medical Leave - HB 2005: Oregon passed the strongest universal paid family and medical leave program in the country by passing HB 2005! When the program is implemented, no one in Oregon will have to choose between the family they love or the job they need.

  • Driver’s Licenses for All - HB 2015: Over 100,000 immigrant Oregonians will be able to apply for a driver’s license to take their kids to school, commute to work, and take care of family and neighbors in need. Allowing ALL Oregonians the opportunity to take a driving test and apply for a license makes our roads and communities safer, and we’re proud to see incredible support that came in from across the state. 

Unfinished business: 

  • Equal Access to Justice - HB 3145: Even though the legislature failed to begin comprehensive reform of Oregon’s public defense system, we will not give up. We will continue fighting to implement the full set of reforms called for by the Sixth Amendment Center in 2020, along with the funding needed to carry them out across the state. Every Oregonian, regardless of their income, the color of their skin or where they come from, deserves a right to a fair trial. 

2019 has been a huge year for the Fair Shot Coalition. You can continue to be a part of these efforts by sharing your ideas on what we should work on next.

Thank you for all your hard work this session. We can’t wait to share with you what’s next!